Gridlock (Cryptic #2)

This was my first serious attempt at compiling a cryptic crossword. It was exciting to manage to cobble together the themed answers. I hope you enjoy it too!

Looking at the clues now, a year on, I see a number that I’d probably like to rework, but I think everything’s fair. I do wish I’d been more conscious of avoiding double unches! I’ve tweaked a few clues in light of that oversight.

Difficulty: I’d say about average. A few easy ones, a few tough ones, and the rest somewhere in the middle. For international solvers, as I’m from Melbourne, there are one or two Australia-based references. Only in 27(c)-across is solving affected, but it should still be within reach to the knowledgeable solver, or solvable from the rest of the clue and cross letters.

Enjoy! And please, I’d love to hear your feedback!

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