The Strange Mosaic Inn: a cryptic triptych

Some loosely cryptic poetry written under the mind distorting influence of insomnia, a few years back.

Night One
The 2am ramblings… lacking definition.

Again (2): The Strange Mosaic Inn (3,9)
Down ‘dan… (4,3,3)
Across …confused, or beat. (1,5,2,4)
Stop! (2…,4)
Grave, no? I’d say, yeah. (3,4)
(But no need for alarm.) (1’2,2,8,2)

Re: The Insomniac
Down and out…
…a cross to bear.
No… more!
Too many.
(I’ll be sleeping in.)

Night Two
More cryptic ramblings from the Strange Mosaic Inn.

Anger in the midsts of lost days. (5)
But with time, this, I understand: (4, 4…,1’1,4,2)
With this place, I oust my chaos. (5,2,2,3)

Arse this… I’m over it.
Where is my out?

Night Three
Snookered at the Strange Mosaic Inn

Little cueman rattled (4,4)
the black in the middle (8)
using the rest (3,4,8,4)
drifting against the nap. (1,6,5)

Calm tune
You sing everyone else
A sating sleep.