“147” Variant Sudoku

The Backstory

This is my first published Sudoku, so I’m keen to hear what people make of it. I’m fairly confident everything checks out, but I do apologise in advance if I’ve overlooked something! Thanks so much for taking a look 🙂

Green and red highlights are for aesthetic purposes only, reflecting the opening layout of the balls on a snooker table. The clues provided in the grid – 4, 15, 27 and 147 – I chose based on their association with the game of snooker.

The rules

Normal Sudoku rules apply.

In addition:

  • In the 2×2 square cages labeled with 147, both rows of the cage are to be treated as 2-digit numbers which must sum to 147.
  • The numbers provided in the top left of the other cages indicate the sum of digits in those cages. The cage labeled 14 / 7 on the bottom row of the grid sums to either 14 or 7, as to be determined by the solver.
  • Digits along thermometers increase from the bulb.
  • Finally, the sum of all digits around the perimeter of the grid is 147.

(For clarity, the given 4 in the second row belongs to both the 147 and 27 cages, and the given 5 in the centre of the grid belongs to both of the 27 cages.)

Click here to load the puzzle in Penpa.

Video of my solve

I have also recorded a video of myself solving the puzzle and discussing some of the design process.