the creature stirs
the infinite presence of every Universe
resolves its purpose
and begins again.

date unknown


empty arms
carry cold eyes
into the dark.

“there… there, you can be sure you are not beyond love.”

the beckoning glow at the edge
the dignity of context.

date unknown
quote from David Whyte, “Sweet Darkness”

in trouble and in love

mushy leaves
graffiti on your unknown walls
puddles around my feet
pulses of raindrops as your clouds open their hearts to me
a flood of sunsets in your weary pavement
so bright
all I can feel
is the steam against the window
the silent, unchained heartbeat
of that little boy who peers
down from the attic window
and sees a man
walking along a darkened street
on a stormy night
a silhouette floating along a golden pavement
against browns and greens and blues
a man, a silhouette
in trouble and in love.

Manchester, 2003


light throws an alluring veil
over snowflakes as they fall
in and around each other
bound by the ether
awing the believers…
…and fooling the ignorant
such beautiful planets and stars
they bring to life

New York, 2001