64 to 225 (Cryptic #1)

This is the first cryptic crossword that I distributed to a decent audience of people, early 2019. It got a pretty good reception. I’ve tweaked a few clues that I felt might have hampered a decent rate of progress.

In particular, I’ve simplified 12-across since it is the theme’s key clue. Let me know if you think it’s still too hard – its first letter is unchecked, its second letter belongs to a themed answer that depends on 12-across, and its other checked letters are vowels, so solving isn’t greatly assisted by cross letters.

Difficulty: Above average, but not diabolical. I’m a new setter, so my techniques aren’t too sophisticated or varied yet, though this might sometimes make clues harder! Also, as I’m from Melbourne, you’ll often find one or two references to Australian words, places etc in my crosswords, but none should interfere with solving.

As usual with my crosswords, the theme offers a little Easter Egg for the eagle-eyed 🙂


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